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Since 2001, Managing Director & Senior Consultant Mark Kellner has translated and proofread patents, technical articles, and legal documents relating to pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and mechanical engineering for law firms on The American Lawyerfs A-List, Japanese pharmaceutical firms and industry associations, and the World Intellectual Property Organization.

We specialize in the support and staffing of discovery and translation projects resulting from Japanese ANDA litigation concerning blockbuster drugs.

We collaborate with our clients from initial triage through production to achieve organizational goals, coordinate with attorneys in order to disseminate accurate instructions and priorities to review staff, and provide advice and strategies in relation to a wide range of tasks, from bilingual personnel recruitment through the planning and execution of large-scale translation projects.

We produce translations of exceptionally high accuracy as the result of deep levels of expertise, including specialization in pharmaceutical development and ANDA litigation, knowledge specific to patents and other intellectual property such as the translation guidelines of the World Intellectual Property Organization, and experience in the indexing and management of large-scale projects.

Our passion for quality drives us to perform extensive research in order to ensure the accuracy, consistency, and utility of each translation we produce. We produce tailored translations that mirror the content and layout of the source documents and maintain a consistency of terminology made possible by familiarity with the case.

We provide direct access to a professional translator who is dedicated to your case, understands your objectives, and is accountable for the translations provided. We deliver clear interpretation on an exceedingly broad range of subjects and are conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines and achieving results.

We offer the flexibility of multiple solutions to translation and production issues, are available to discuss documents by telephone or in person, and facilitate shorter turn-around times for rush jobs. You can trust our professionalism and excellent oral and written communication skills to make a favorable impression upon your clients.